Screen-based media guidelines for iOS/Android

1. Displaying logo on application startup screens

1. 1. How to use logo

Caution: Logo display is required.

Always display the logo based on the concluded agreement.
Please display the logo according to these guidelines and without modification.

(1) Display position

  • Please display at the time of application startup.
  • Please select either “full screen” or “sticker type” for the display method. It is acceptable to display the CRI logo together with your logo or the logos or other companies.
  • The screen may be either horizontal or vertical.
  • Size is up to your discretion. However, please use a size which enables the logo to be easily read at the display terminal.
  • Please do not make any modifications other than size.

Full screen

Full screen

Sticker type

Simultaneous display with the logos of other companies

(2) Recommended display position

  • For the sticker type, we recommend displaying the logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

(3) Types of logos

  • The distributed logo comes in 2 types: (1) color with white background, (2) color without white background. Depending on the application, please select the type which can be viewed easily.
  • If you would like a monochrome logo (for matching the world-view of the application), please inquire here.

(4) Display examples

  • The following is an example of the correct display method and an incorrect display method.
Correct example

Using logo with full-screen display

Using logo with white background

Using logo without white background

Incorrect example

Deforming the logo

Deleting elements of the logo

Penetrating the inside of the logo

Changing the color of the logo

(5) Skipping display of the logo

  • It is possible to skip logo display due to operations such as tapping by the user.

Example 1:
Skip to title screen by tapping during display of the CRIWARE logo

Example 2:
When displaying the CRIWARE logo after displaying your logo, skip to title screen by tapping during display of your logo

1. 2. Acquiring logo data [iOS/Android]

Logo data is provided in PNG format. It is acceptable to change the format (PVRTC compression, DXT compression, etc.)
However, please display the logo while maintaining the color and shape (aspect ratio).

No Resolution Color/monochrome White background File name
1 1000x997 Color Yes CRIWARELOGO_1.png