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Personal Information Protection Policy

CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "CRI") has established and follows the personal information protection policy stated below in order to protect the personal information which we handle in the course of conducting our various business operations.

1. Observance of laws, regulations and other standards related to protecting personal information
CRI will observe all laws, regulations, governmentally established guidelines, and other standards related to protecting personal information.

2. Obtaining and using personal information
CRI will clearly state the purposes for which personal information will be used, and will appropriately obtain, use and provide personal information within the limits necessary for achieving those purposes. Except when stipulated by law, CRI will not provide personal information to any third party without first obtaining the related individual's consent. Moreover, should CRI outsource the handling of all or any personal information, we will establish the competency of the outsourcee in advance and then provide instructions and supervision to ensure that the information is managed properly.

3. Personal information protection system
In order to appropriately manage personal information, CRI will appoint personal information managers, formulate rules for managing personal information, and create a system that can effectively conduct the necessary education and supervision. Moreover, we will periodically review the measures necessary for appropriate management and revise or improve them as required.

4. Safe management of personal information
To prevent the loss, theft, destruction, falsification, unauthorized accessing, leakage, etc., of any personal information, CRI will implement appropriate procedures and carry out safety control measures.

5. Disclosure, revision and deletion of personal information
CRI will promptly and appropriately deal with any disclosure, revision or deletion of personal information requested by the related individual.

Should this policy be revised, its revised version will be posted on this website.
Implemented June 12, 2015

About the Handling of Personal Information on This Website

Obtaining and using personal information

Personal information may be collected on this website according to the following procedure.
When CRI collects personal information in connection with an inquiry, a campaign application, a questionnaire, etc., we will preliminarily state the purpose for which the information will be used and then obtain the customer's consent. Moreover, the information will not be used for any other than the stated purpose.

Providing personal information to third parties

(1) CRI will not provide personal information to any third party without the customer's consent. Moreover, even if consent is obtained, CRI will make arrangements with the third party to ensure that the information is handled properly and protected.

(2) Should CRI outsource the handling of personal information, we will do so only to a party that can be trusted and with which we have made arrangements for handling the information properly, and we will also conduct appropriate supervision.

Safety management system

(1) CRI will take the measures necessary to protect the personal information received from customers from loss, destruction, unauthorized disclosure, falsification, unauthorized access, etc.

(2) CRI will make sure that all of the company's officers and other employees fully understand the importance of protecting personal information; will take the measures necessary for ensuring the safety of personal information, such as establishing in-house rules for handling personal information and then inculcating them; and will review the measures as necessary.

Access log

CRI keeps an access log: statistical information that we use for increasing the convenience of customers, and the quality of the services, on this website. However, the access log does not contain any personal names, addresses or other information that could be used to identify individuals.


(1) Cookies may be used on this website for the purposes mentioned below. (Cookies are small data files that a website transmits to an individual's hard disk when the individual visits the website. They are used for such purposes as recognizing the pages visited by an individual.)
To recognize which pages customers visit
To improve the website's content and services so that customers will be even more satisfied with them, and to customize them to individual customers.

(2) An individual may refuse to automatically accept cookies by changing the settings on his or her browser. However, please be aware that, without cookies, there are services whose content will be restricted and services which cannot be used.

Disclosure, revision, etc., upon request

If a customer requests that any of his or her personal information being managed by CRI be disclosed, revised or deleted, CRI will promptly and appropriately deal with the matter, within reasonable limits, as soon as we can verify that the request is truly from that customer. Moreover, we ask that such requests be made using our "Request Form."

Revision of privacy policy

CRI may review and revise all or any of this privacy policy at any time. In such a case, the revised version will be posted on this website.

[Date of last revision: July 14, 2015]

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