The most intuitive and efficient authoring tool

ADX has virtually no learning curve as its authoring tool takes the best of what the DAW paradigm has to offer and adds intuitive functions to create interactive sounds. At a time when projects grow bigger and deadlines get tighter, improve your productivity by using ADX!

A DAW for game audio

Tracks, Waveform regions, Automation curves, Filters, Envelopes, Mixer, Digital Effects...

Unleash your creativity with a full-featured audio system

From the creation of complex sound behaviors to the composition of interactive music, from digital sound processing and mixing to dialogue localization, ADX provides all the functions of a full-featured game audio middleware and then some.

Interactive features

Many cue types, sound selectors, RTPCs, categories, 3D positioning, auto-ducking, adaptive music...

Empowers both sound designers and audio programmers

Sound designers can have full control on the audio of the game, and programmer too. Distribute the audio tasks based on the skillset of your team and the type of project. Want to duck the music when the dialogue starts? You can do it in one click in the tool or in one line in the code.

DAW-like interface

block playback

REACT function

Outstanding performance from console to mobile

ADX's fully-optimized engine helps you make the most of every platform while staying lightweight. Its high-quality proprietary codecs (ADX, HCA and HCA-MX) let you multiply the number of voices simultaneously playing.

Uncompromising performance

Fully-optimized engine, Customizable memory, file and error handling, Proprietary codecs, Advanced profiler, Small memory footprint, Coherent APIs...

Easy integration

Thanks to its coherent and easy-to-use API, you can integrate ADX effortlessly with your game code. ADX works on all major platforms from consoles to PC and from handhelds to mobile. Part of the CRIWARE SDK, it can be easily integrated with a project using a game middleware such as Unity, Unreal Engine and Cocos Creator.

Unity Initializer

Sound sources on Unity

Unreal Blueprint

Unity logo Unreal_Engine cocos2D

ADX Add-Ons


Use McDSP award-wining audio processing plugins, both while authoring your sounds in AtomCraft and at run-time. Available plugins are: the AE600 active equalizer, the ML 4000 mastering limiter, the SA-2 dialog processor and the Futzbox!
Check our blog and the McDSP TV channel on YouTube McDSPTV for more information about their features.

Currently supported in native mode and in Unity for: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS and Android. A trial version is included in every SDK.

More extensions for ADX coming soon.

Facilitates the work of the whole audio team

Sound Designer

  • Design interactive sounds in a few clicks using a DAW-like interface
  • Create immersive sonic landscapes driven by the game context
  • Easily generate data for all your target platforms

Sound Designer's
Quick Start Manual


Audio Programmer

  • Integrate ADX easily with your code game thanks to its simple and coherent API
  • Rely on a fully-optimized and lightweight engine
  • Take advantage of ultra-performant proprietary codecs

Audio Programmer's
Quick Start Manual


Audio Director

  • Select the version of CRIWARE that corresponds to your game middleware or platform
  • Divide your project in work units and use version control from within the tool
  • Give control to audio programmers, sound designers or both based on the project and the skillset of your team

Audio Director's
Quick Start Manual


CRIWARE Certified Studios

  • Vanguard Sound
  • Basiscape Co.,Ltd.
  • ForMasa Group


Experience unleashed creativity and improved productivity.